AFL pre-season footy training

Why is footy pre season so important?

Importance of pre season training ahead of the football season.
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Knee osteoarthritis

What is GLA:D Australia?

Want to delay surgery for Knee and Hip osteoarthritis? Join Kate and Sarby on the 14th of March for the first FREE education lecture to learn about the program.
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Snowboarding, injuries, exercise.

Do Winter Olympians get more injured?

What is the difference in incidence and severity of injuries in Summer vs Winter Olympians?
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Running Biomechanics

Move well with 776BC MOTION – Check them out at Spring Physio Gym

776BC have a great new sports clothing range aimed to ensure optimal bio mechanics when exercising.
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Youth Cricket Bowling Guidelines

New Guidelines for Youth Cricket Bowling

Did you know that Cricket Australia recently changed their YOUTH BOWLING GUIDELINES?
Spring Physio Gym Director, Robin Halse, caught up with Australian Cricket Team Physio and Sports Medicine Manager for Cricket Australia, Alex Kountouris last week to discuss these changes.
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Marathon Pre-Race Checklist

Who is Running the Melbourne Marathon?

Don’t forget your pre-race checklist!
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AFL Injury

Who Will Be Back From Injury For September?

Injuries can be devastating for a player’s opportunity to participate in the ultimate AFL achievement – a Grand Final! To get there, teams need to put their best foot forward, which demands players return from injury as soon as possible.
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Exercise for a healthier brain

Why Exercise Matters to Your Brain

In an article I read recently by a PhD psychologist and neuroscientist, Mylea Charvat, she reveals several different ways in which exercise improves not only your physical health but also your brain health.
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Benefits of a relaxed long run

Turn Off the Turbo on Your Next Long Run!

It is an age-old debate how fast you should complete your weekend long run. Science suggests that the optimal pace for your long run is around 55-75% of your 5km pace - so yes it should feel pretty relaxed!
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