At Spring we are dedicated to help you identify your health goals and develop a plan to get you there.

  1. You will start with an assessment and together we can set achievable goals and timelines. 
  2. We will design a pathway utilizing exercise that is appropriate for you to do safely both at home and under our supervision. 
  3. We will communicate with other key health professionals, such as your orthopaedic surgeon, your GP, your personal trainer or your coach etc to ensure your health plan is coordinated. 

We call these three steps setting a healthy life plan (H.L.P.).

You will do your exercise program under our supervision or when safe on your own. You will also have a graduated exercise program to do at home along the way.

By just doing your exercise program in your healthy life plan you will be on your way to better health and getting on with your life.

Healthy Life Plan

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