Who is Running the Melbourne Marathon?

Cara Peake, Physiotherapist

9 October 2017

Marathon Pre-Race Checklist

In just under one week over 30,000 athletes will participate in the annual Melbourne Marathon Festival. Marathon runners will run exactly 42.195km through the streets of Melbourne finishing at the iconic MCG. The next week will see participants head into the final stage of training with the last of the long miles and then turning to focus on race day preparation.

Good preparation is key to a good outcome, here a few tips to make sure you are ready for the start line!

Don’t try to fit in a last minute run!

The last three to four weeks leading up to marathon is all about winding back the kilometres. It is hard to imagine that you are actually missing those long Sunday runs and keen to sneak in just one more before the race – resist! This time is critical to letting your body repair and rebuild your glycogen stores.

Race nutrition

The average marathon running time is just over 4 hours which is exhausting on your bodies fuel systems therefore supplementation during the race is crucial. Each runner has their own race fuel favourite and it is important to work out which one suits you best! Gels, sports drinks, muesli bars, bananas, jelly lollies are commonly used. Leading up to the race it is a good idea to trial a few different variations of fuel to work out which one best suits you.


Happy feet is a happy race! Blisters are a runner’s worse nightmare and can be extremely debilitating. To avoid a race day crisis there are a couple of golden rules. Wear the same shoes you have run your long miles in and aim to have the shoe mileage between 100-200km for race day. This will ensure the shoe is compatible with your foot and the shoe material provides adequate support and cushioning.


Clothing can often be overlooked but take the lesson from runners before and make sure you test your race day kit! Chafe on the thighs, nipples, bra lines and singlet seams can make for a sore run and an excruciating post run shower. Breathable fabrics, seamless tops, well-fitting sports bras, compression shorts for the inner thighs and band aids on nipples should be trialled in optimise your race day comfort.

And finally don’t forget to charge your watch!

Good luck!

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