Who Ran in the Melbourne Marathon?

Cara Peake, Physiotherapist

16 October 2017

Marathon Running Recovery Tips

Well done to everyone!

Many of you may now be feeling the effects of yesterday’s running high – the legs are sore, the stomach is still hungry and the mind weary. So let us guide you on a few essentials.

Top 5 Recovery Tips

1. Keep moving. Despite the body feeling weary it is important to keep the muscles moving to help remove the build-up lactic acid from the run. Swimming is also a great alternative if you are keen for a change from the pavement.

2. Refuel. A marathon takes quite a toll on your body’s energy stores so make sure you have well balances meals – aiming for one part protein to 4 parts carbohydrate. Small amounts of sugary foods are tolerated but avoid in excess.

3. Gentle Stretch/Foam Roll. Gentle stretching and light foam rolling can be helpful to relieve DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

4. Sleep. Make sure you take the time to get a few extra zzz’s post marathon to allow your body to repair your muscles and restore your energy levels.

5. Return to Running. Take your time! Elite athletes will take 2-4 weeks off running after a marathon to avoid aggravating any post-race niggles. For the first week focus on light cross training activities before contemplating an easy 30min run in the second or third week as long as any you are able to complete this pain free. By the third and fourth week you should be able to build back into some longer run and add some intensity back to your session.

Good luck on your recovery!

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