exercising during isolation

Staying Strong, Supple and Sane in ISO

Exercise, as one of the permitted activities we can do, can help our physical, mental and emotional health tremendously. Are you doing the right exercise to optimize your current health and wellness or sporting goals?
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6 Tips for the Silly Season

Tips to get through the festive season.
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Strength, Conditioning, Resistance Training

Benefits of Strength and Conditioning

Resistance training has many different benefits and can assist in the management of many different conditions.
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Carlton AFLW at training

AFLW Season 2019 Conferencing, Contracts, Cruciates and Concussions.

With only two rounds left in the ALFW, I've taken the time to reflect on a few factors that influence the competition.

In its third year ALFW is seeing a growing swell of talented young players coming through and with it improvements in speed, flow and scoring.

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Summer footwear can effect how you walk

Summer Footwear

Thongs are a popular choice of footwear over summer and for a long time therapists have talked to clients about the potential side effects of spending many hours in thongs. Its well understood that thongs provide less support than runners and now research demonstrates exactly how our walking changes when we wear thongs.
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How fast should your weekend long run be?

Ever wondered why people go on a weekend long run? Does speed matter?
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Are your bones strong?

Our bones change as we age. Learn more about your bones and how to keep them strong. Exercise is key!
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Pelvic Floor

Breathe easy & connect to your core!

“Before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercises, one must first learn how to breath properly. Our very life depends on it”

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Family Skiing

Have you done your ski prep?

Check out Fiona's tip as a physiotherapist to get you ready for the ski season.
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Preparing for the rowing season

Preparing for the rowing season

After playing winter sports like football and netball which have very different biomechanical demands to rowing its important to condition yourself for the season ahead.
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