Chronic Low Back Pain Clinic Incorporating Vi Move

Reduce your low back pain for good!

Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) clinics with Kate Cowlishaw are offered on Monday and Friday mornings and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

These clinics offer a detailed and thorough assessment of your chronic low back pain, incorporating a 'Vi Move' assessment. A treatment plan will then be decided upon, which may include hands-on therapy, off-site monitoring with the Vi Move, real-time movement retraining sessions, and one-to-one exercise prescription sessions. Changes can be made to existing pilates programs based on new assessment findings.

This assessment and treatment pathway can make lasting improvements to your chronic low back pain.

What is Vi Move and how does it work?

Vi Move is state of the art technology that gives practitioners the ability to accurately and objectively measure your unique lower back posture and movements. Never before has there been such an accurate way of assessing the lower back. The Vi Move technology was developed by an Australian physiotherapist and is now used with great success around the world.

Wireless sensors are attached to your lower back. Your standing and sitting posture is recorded via these sensors, as well as your lower back movements. At the touch of a button the Vi Move program instantly compares your results with ‘normal’.

Numerical and graphical results are shown, which your therapist can interpret for you. Implications for treatment can be made, such as exercises, hands-on therapy or real-time posture and movement retraining using the sensors and laptop.

Vi Move is also able to be worn for up to 8 hours outside of the clinic. During this time information is recorded that gives your therapist insight into your lower back postures and movements within a typical day, which may shed further light on your chronic low back pain and what daily habits are contributing to it.

The sensors can also be worn for a day outside of the clinic to alert you to when you are sitting, standing or moving in a way that may contribute to your pain. This has been likened to ‘Having a physiotherapist in your pocket’.

Results from using Vi Move

Research conducted in 2015 showed that people who used Vi Move treatment for movement and posture retraining showed greater improvements in low back pain and activity limitation than those who used more traditional physiotherapy treatments. These improvements were maintained at both 3 month and 12 month follow ups. To read the full research article see:
(Kent et al, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2015) (pdf).

For more information on the cutting edge technology for low back pain that is ‘Vi Move’ see:

News article in The Telegraph: Could this new hi-tech fix for back pain change your life?

APA Endorsement Announcement: Australian Physiotherapy Association endorses dorsaVi wearable sensor technology

The 'Case Studies' tab on the Vi Move home page has some fantastic TV reposts and case studies using Vi Move.

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