DorsaVi Movement Analysis

Clinical Vi Move is a wireless system of sensors that measure movement and muscle activity in the spine. From simple movements such as a step-up, to more complex movements like a cricket bowling action.

The assessment takes 60 minutes starting with standardised postures and progressing to an analysis of specific actions relevant to your work, sport or daily activities.  Our physiotherapists will utilise the Vi Move to help retrain your movement with live feedback from the sensors.

Who can benefit from a Dorsa Vi Assessment

  • Long term back pain patients
  • People with poor body awareness
  • People with poor postural habits
  • People with altered movement patterns due to neurological disease
  • Elite athletes requiring sensitive biofeedback to analyze and correct sporting technique

If you are struggling to correct poor patterns of movement then book in for a Dorsa Vi assessment today.

See more information about DorsaVi and ViMove.

We look at every aspect of your body movement in order to facilitate you working as efficiently as possible.

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