Sport Injury Management

Sports injuries happen at any age and level of sport and recreational activity. At Spring Physio Gym we are dedicated to assessing and managing sporting injuries as early as the day of injury, to help aid recovery and limit time away from sport. We also have a great passion for educating you how to reduce the risk of injury.  Good preparation for sport and activity can allow the body time to adapt to requirments of the exercise goal.  By being proactive a lot of injuries associated with sport and activity can be avoided. So whether you have just come off the football field with a torn ligament or you are setting a big fitness goal we can help you reach your potential safely.

Common types of sporting injuries include:

  • Sprains and Strains – damage to ligaments or muscles
  • Overuse injury – micro-trauma to bones, tendons or muscles
  • Muscle imbalances – combining excessive load or repetition to a body that is adapted to that level of training, or over training one group of muscles and under training the opposite leading to changes in flexibility and movement.

Who should see a physiotherapist regarding sporting injuries?

  • If you have a current injury, it is advisable to book an assessment as soon as possible as this will assist in optimising all stages of repair
  • If you have recently returned to activity after a long period of inactivity we can help educate you on how to resume exercising and reach your goals without risking injuries along the way. Repeated injuries are often the reason people find it so difficult to get into a regular routine of exercise.
  • If you have a recurring injury that continues to prevent you from exercising regularly.

We look at every aspect of your body movement in order to facilitate you working as efficiently as possible.

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