Emma Cullen, Myotherapist

Emma Cullen malvern myotherapist

Emma completed her Myotherapy degree at RMIT in 2000. She has since obtained many years of experience in both private practice setting and various sporting clubs including South Melbourne Soccer Club and Melbourne Storm Rugby League.

Emma’s primary skill set is deactivation of triggers points which are the sore spots initiating pain syndromes within muscle tissues. This can be anything from muscle trauma experienced in playing sport to general muscle soreness from poor posture when seated at your work station

Emma’s interest in Women’s Health was initiated once she completed a certificate in Pregnancy Massage in the USA in 2004. Perinatal soft tissue care became her passion, and she continued to serve in women’s health until she had her own children a few years later.

Emma joins Kooyong Physio with a wealth of knowledge in Soft Tissue Care. With her friendly and nurturing disposition, Emma brings a strong sense of mind and body wellness and offers a peaceful setting for her myotherapy work.

She is also a volunteer with MND Victoria and provides massage services for clients within the MND Victoria network database.

Emma provides a holistic care approach with a big focus on mind and body wellness, with a passion for women’s health throughout all stages of life.

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