Robin Halse, Physiotherapist

Malvern Physiotherapist Robin Halse

Robin graduated in Melbourne in 1987, commencing her career in physio at the Alfred Hospital, Prahran.

This was an exciting opportunity to learn all about the broader aspects of medicine, the physio role as part of a team and to work on the brand new Heart/Lung Transplant Unit and the newly established Road Trauma Unit.

The big wide world beckoned though, and Robin headed off travelling with her now business partner, Ann to Africa, Europe and the UK. Along the way, there was ample opportunity to practise physio in wide and varied locations, immerse herself in other cultures and, in an unexpected departure from the plan, arrive home with a husband six years later!

Robin has spent many years working in private practice, with her specialty being the treatment of patients with orofacial pain and TMJ (jaw) dysfunction.

Robin is also passionate about postural modification and helping people to reverse their faulty movement patterns, to avoid injury.

She has three teenage children who play lots of sport and is extensively involved in their sporting clubs.

Robin likes to keep fit, doing gym work,swimming, running and, where possible, attempting to bridge the wide gap between herself and Karrie Webb.

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