Our Physiotherapists are experts in the management of musculoskeletal injury. At Spring Physio Gym we use our knowledge of the body, injury, healing and exercise prescription to maximise your return to best function following injury and prevent recurrence. Starting with an initial appointment your physiotherapist will perform a careful assessment of your injury and develop a management plan to bring you back to your full potential. Your treatment may involve manual techniques such as joint mobilisation and massage and exercises such as stretching or strengthening.

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Injury & Post-Surgery Rehab

Rehabilitation is a process that includes exercise to facilitate recovery from injury, illness, or disease. At Spring Physio Gym, your rehabilitation programme will be tailored to your specific needs and will involve:

  • Discussing and outlining the various factors facing you in your recovery.
  • Developing an individual exercise programme to reflect those factors to aid recovery.
  • Continual re-assessment and modification of the programme to ensure you have optimal return to a full and healthy life.

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Spring @ Home

For our local community we offer home-based physiotherapy services. This is ideal for people who are unable to attend our clinic due temporary or progressive limits to their mobility such as:

  • post operative surgical recovery
  • ageing family or friends with limited mobility
  • supervised exercises at home where attendance to Spring Physio Gym is too difficult due to physical limitations

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Sport Injury Management

Sports injuries happen at any age and level of sport and recreational activity. At Spring Physio Gym we are dedicated to assessing and managing sporting injuries as early as the day of injury, to help aid recovery and limit time away from sport. We also have a great passion for educating you how to reduce the risk of injury.  Good preparation for sport and activity can allow the body time to adapt to requirments of the exercise goal.  By being proactive a lot of injuries associated with sport and activity can be avoided. So whether you have just come off the football field with a torn ligament or you are setting a big fitness goal we can help you reach your potential safely.

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Back and Neck Care

Back and neck care involves starting with an initial assessment with a physiotherapist. In the assessment they will identify the contributing factors and possible sources of pain. From there your care will involve:

  • Manual techniques such as joint mobilisation or massage to release muscle spasm or mobilise stiff joints.
  • Development of appropriate exercises to address the contributing factors
  • Supervised exercise program and home exercise programChange of postural habits or other unhealthy contributing factors
  • Regular reassessment to ensure optimal health is obtained and maintained

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Chronic Low Back Pain Clinic Incorporating Vi Move

Our Chronic Low Back Pain Clinics offer a detailed assessment of your chronic low back pain, using state of the art technology known as ‘Vi Move’. Vi Move is a way of objectively assessing and monitoring your lower back postures and movements using 4 wireless sensors with real-time visual feedback.

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Posture Correction

Poor postural habits contribute to most back and neck conditions.  Many people have poor posture, and it is important at any age to address these habits to reduce the current or future effects of pain associated with poor alignment. Most alarmingly, adolescents with poor posture may have not experienced pain. Addressing their poor habits now may avoid pain in the future. Developing good health posture habits early in life will help prevent damage to ligaments, muscles and joints.

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Core Stability and Strength

Core Stability and Strength classes are designed to rehabilitate and manage all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. The classes involves training and recruiting your postural muscles more efficiently. At Spring Physio Gym Core Stability and Strength is taught 1:1 or in small classes, and involves floor and mat exercises. We use a range of equipment and methods including elements of clinical pilates. You commence with two 1:1 sessions. The first session involves your assessment, and the second constitutes a program design. Your physiotherapist will take you through the basics of core stability and begin to build your program with you, in the gym. Please wear comfortable clothing to these sessions.

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Physio-Supervised Classes

We offer small classes supervised by a physiotherapist. The classes have up to 4 people. Within most of our classes you are doing a program specific for you as identified by your assessment.  Some of our classes have a particular focus or are designed for a particular target group. These are our specialist classes and they include:

  • Clinical Pilates
  • Posture Wars – Adolescent posture classes
  • Functional Fitness
  • Bone Building and Balance
  • Tai Chi
  • Post Pregnancy Class
  • School Holiday Adolescent Rehab/Posture Classes
  • Hip Fit Exercise Class

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Women's Health

There are many health conditions that are unique to women and the various challenges in their life. The most obvious are the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Other issues that can affect women in particular relate to the fear and avoidance to exercise due to issues with incontinence. At Spring Physio Gym we have highly trained physiotherapists to help assess and manage these challenges and help get you exercising in a safe and effective way without risking further damage to your pelvic floor.

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Rowing Assessment and Injury Management

We offer comprehensive services to rowers to improve their techniques and manage their injuries. The rowing program is managed and overseen by Fiona Milne, our senior physiotherapist and co-partner of Spring. Fiona has competed in rowing at an elite level for over 7 years, representing Canada in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics, and competing in World Cup and World Championship events. Fiona holds a Level 2 qualification in rowing coaching and is well qualified to lead the rowing focus here at Spring Physio Gym.

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DorsaVi Movement Analysis

Clinical Vi Move is a wireless system of sensors that measure movement and muscle activity in the spine. From simple movements such as a step-up, to more complex movements like a cricket bowling action. The assessment takes 60 minutes starting with standardised postures and progressing to an analysis of specific actions relevant to your work, sport or daily activities.  Our physiotherapists will utilise the Vi Move to help retrain your movement with live feedback from the sensors.

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Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment means to look at your technique of an activity such as running or walking and analyze the way forces act on your body. Bio = related to the body and mechanics = study of physical forces. At Spring Physio Gym we have trained physiotherapist to analyse your running and walking technique. Through this process we can identify inefficiency that may contribute to injury or sub maximal performance.

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GLA:D Osteoarthritis Exercise Program

Good Life with osteoarthritis from Denmark (GLA:D®) is an evidenced-based programme aimed at improving the quality of care in clinical practice for patients with hip and or knee arthritis.

GLA:D® consists of two sessions of patient education and 12 sessions of supervised, individualised neuromuscular exercise therapy delivered by our trained physiotherapists and evaluated in a national clinical registry.

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We look at every aspect of your body movement in order to facilitate you working as efficiently as possible.

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