Effects of Ageing

Although ageing has its benefits it also has some physical realities that may empower us to manage them effectively.

Some of the major reported effects of aging include:

  • Decrease in elastic recoil though out your tissues
  • Decrease bounciness of all blood vessels - making it harder for your heart to pump blood around the body (artherosclerosis)
  • Decrease in flexibility of connective tissues - resulting in you feeling stiffer. 
  • Decrease in number and size of muscle fibres - making you feel weaker. 
  • Decrease in responsiveness of muscle fibres - making you less coordinated and more likely to stumble. 
  • Decrease in metabolic rate – making it harder for you to burn calories and easier to weight gain. 
  • Decrease in general efficiency of the cardiovascular system due to muscle changes in the heart muscle and changes in the blood vessels reducing your vitality.
  • Decrease in bone mineral density from a peak at age 25. For women after menopause the decrease can be rapid making fractures likely with a fall or repeated stress. 
  • The water content of our tissues decreases with age, including your joint cartilage which makes osteoarthritis a possibility. 
  • Weight gain - resulting in lethargy, inactivity, low self esteem, even depression.

With that outlook why would we want to get old? By exercising regularly, however, you may avoid most of these changes and maintain your vitality. Learning how to change and adjust your exercise regime as you age is important to reduce the risk of injury.

Sometimes it might be fair to say that the effects of ageing are related to disuse, and with regular appropriate exercise many of these problems can be avoided.

Weight gain during life

As we age our body goes through metabolic and hormonal changes that lead to a weight gain of between 500gm and 1 kg per year after the age of 37.

Maintaining body weight requires constant monitoring and gradual adjustment to our diet over the years. Our bodies become less ‘forgiving’ to the binges and poor habits. What we require is good habits and consistency in order to maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle.

How Spring Can Help

We are excited at Spring Physio Gym to present physiotherapy supervised exercise classes that target movements designed to build bone strength and improve balance!

Regardless of your age, as you get older, exercise will help prevent the consequences of ageing on your body. We can help you improve your balance and strength and allow you to optimize your health into your later years.

We will teach you what exercises are required for bone growth.

We will supervise you through a program to target problem areas that may be affecting your balance.

We will help you to regain your strength to increase your body confidence for everyday activities.

We will supervise you in a safe environment in small classes of up to 6 people.

Ask about Bone Building and Balance classes today!

Your body is constantly changing. If you can adapt, you can manage, reduce or even remove pain or discomfort.

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