Flexibility and Stiffness

Flexibility refers to the ability to move a joint smoothly through its full range of motion, and is considered to be a component of good health.

Lack of flexibility, or stiffness in specific joints or muscles, may occur due to a result of injury, overactivity, or inactivity, and it’s common to notice increasing joint stiffness with ageing.

That being said, your inherent flexibility is determined in the most part from your genes. Most people will find they fall into a general body type:


  • Have always been able to touch their toes, they love stretching and exercises that requires lots of flexibility, such as yoga. 
  • One of the reasons they are very flexible is loose ligaments. Excessive flexibility leads to excessive movement at the joints, and when ragdolls stop exercising they lose their muscular support and injuries occur. 
  • Ragdolls need lots of dynamic strengthening, to develop stability through the full range of movement of their joints.

Toy Soldiers: 

  • Have never been able to touch their toes, they hate stretching (but need lots of it), and they hate yoga. 
  • They have better balance and stability, but lack suppleness and mobility in their joints.
  • Over time, they can develop pain due to the stiffness in their joints.

Barbie dolls:

  • Barbie dolls are toy soldiers with floppy bits. They don’t mind stretching, but will often notice difference from one side to the other. Will tend to overuse their loose areas to compensate when moving.
  • They have areas that tighten up, such as hamstrings and upper back, and can end up with headaches and back pain.
  • They get tight due to structural alignment problems, and need a combination of stability and stretching work, to stabilise their flexible bits and stretch their tight bits.

How Spring Can Help

Here at Spring, we specialise in assessing your movement patterns, and can develop an individualised exercise program to suit your needs.

Your body is constantly changing. If you can adapt, you can manage, reduce or even remove pain or discomfort.

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