Pregnancy and Childbirth

Many women experience pelvic girdle pain, back pain, diastases recti (midline abdominal muscle separation) as well as postural changes and pelvic floor challenges during pregnancy, and following the birth. 

Some women have pre-existing musculoskeletal issues that are compounded during this time. 

It is an individual journey that requires personal assessment. 

Preparing your body physically for childbirth and early motherhood is an essential ingredient for your wellbeing.

How Spring Can Help

Thorough assessment and management of your symptoms is important. We offer you an appropriate exercise program where you can be supervised individually or in a small group. You will be enabled to exercise safely to assist relaxation, toning, postural and pelvic floor awareness during exercise.

At Spring Physio Gym we offer post natal real time ultrasound to assist your pelvic floor awareness during exercise. Antenatal and Post natal pilates classes are available for individuals or small groups tailored to your needs at this exciting time.

Your body is constantly changing. If you can adapt, you can manage, reduce or even remove pain or discomfort.

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