Sports Injuries

Injuries caused during sport and recreational activities are some of the most common presented to our physios. 

They include

  • Sprains and strains - damage to ligaments or muscles
  • Neck and back injury - damage to structures around the spine
  • Overuse injury - microtrauma to bones, tendons and muscles
  • Muscle imbalances - combination of overuse and biomechanical factors leading to one group of muscles being excessively tight and strong and another group being stretched and weak

Sporting injuries vary in the rate of recovery, based on the type of tissue that is damaged. For example, with bones, muscles and ligaments, the severity of the injuries could have mild impact (as with a minor tear, boney stress reaction, minor muscle bruising) to severe impact (as with multiple fractures, trauma, multiple ligament disruption and dislocation).

How Spring Can Help

Every injury has a distinctive presentation relating to diagnosis and management, to type and frequency of training.

Pre-existing factors, including degree of damage, timely management and a person’s age, can also influence the outcome of sporting injuries.

Your injury requires an individual approach to management, for which we at Spring Physio Gym are capable and well qualified.

Your body is constantly changing. If you can adapt, you can manage, reduce or even remove pain or discomfort.

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