6 Tips for the Silly Season

Cara Peake, Physiotherapist

22nd of November 2019



Late nights, a couple too many vinos and some extra celebratory Christmas pudding are trademarks of the Christmas Holidays. Today we want to share some tips and tricks to make sure you keep up a little of your usual exercise routine and keep your body feeling good.

1. Aim 5 minutes.

 Pick your favorite 5 exercises and dedicate a minute to each exercise every morning. Make sure you keep your mat/foam roller/weights in an easy spot to access to make sure you just do it!

2. Keep exercise social.

 At this time of year we are often catching up with old friends and family so try and book your next friend/family catch up at the park and make it a walk and talk. Or how about a family tennis day?! This will keep you moving and not letting you miss out on the fun!

3. Don’t forget something is better than nothing!

 Taking your foot of the accelerator every now and then is important. It allows you to slow down and come off the adrenaline roller coaster. If you don’t feel quite up to your usual routine mix it up, trial a walk instead of run, reduce how far you walk, mix up your strength class for a yoga class.

4. Don’t try and do everything.

 Be mindful of not taking on ALL the Christmas duties. Family and friends are always happy to help out so make sure you utilize their skills!

5. Be mindful of your footwear.

 Beach holidays and warm sunshine sees a rapid transition out of your usual footwear to thongs, sandals and other less supportive footwear. This transition correlates with an increase in achilles and plantar pain over the festive season. Essential, the sudden change comes as a shock to your feet which are now working much harder when you walk. Consider the sand like a mini gym work out for your foot!! So don’t forget to slowly build your walking time in different shoes and check out Archies before you hit the beach! (Archies are available at Spring Physio and other designated retailers).

6. Get enough sleep.

 Make sure you continue to prioritise sleep amongst all the celebrations. This will make sure you restore and recover over the Christmas break and don’t become a Christmas Grinch!

But most importantly from the team at Spring we all hope you have a festive, restorative and Happy Christmas!


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